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12011Modern optics in exceptionally preserved eyes of Early Cambrian arthropods from AustraliaLee, MSY; Jago, JB; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Edgecombe, GD; Gehling, JG; Paterson, John R 3-Feb-2012
22012New Artiopodan Arthropods from the Early Cambrian Emu Bay Shale Konservat-Lagerstätte of South AustraliaPaterson, John R ; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Edgecombe, GD19-Feb-2013
32010Nektaspid arthropods from the lower Cambrian Emu Bay Shale Lagerstätte, South Australia, with a reassessment of lamellipedian relationshipsPaterson, John R ; Edgecombe, Gregory D; Garcia-Bellido, Diego C; Jago, James B; Gehling, James G7-Oct-2010
42013A 'Collins' monster'-type lobopodian from the Emu Bay Shale Konservat-Lagerstätte (Cambrian), South AustraliaGarcia-Bellido, Diego C; Edgecombe, Gregory D; Paterson, John R ; Ma, Xiaoya10-Apr-2014
52011Acute vision in the giant Cambrian predator 'Anomalocaris' and the origin of compound eyesPaterson, John R ; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Lee, MSY; Brock, GA; Jago, JB; Edgecombe, GD22-Feb-2012
62009The scleritome of 'Paterimitra': an Early Cambrian stem group brachiopod from South AustraliaSkovsted, Christian B; Holmer, Lars E; Larsson, Cecilia M; Hogstrom, Anette E S; Brock, Glenn A; Topper, Timothy P; Balthasar, Uwe; Petterson Stolk, Sandra; Paterson, John R 3-Feb-2010
72009'Oikozetetes' from the early Cambrian of South Australia: implications for halkieriid affinities and functional morphologyPaterson, John R ; Brock, Glenn A; Skovsted, Christian B8-Feb-2010
82009The tommotiid 'Camenella reticulosa' from the early Cambrian of South Australia: Morphology, scleritome reconstruction, and phylogenySkovsted, Christian B; Balthasar, Uwe; Brock, Glenn A; Paterson, John R 12-Mar-2010
92006The Early Cambrian trilobite family Emuellidae Pocock, 1970: Systematic position and revision of Australian speciesPaterson, John R ; Edgecombe, Gregory D12-Mar-2010
102014A new vetulicolian from Australia and its bearing on the chordate affinities of an enigmatic Cambrian group.Garcia-Bellido, Diego C; Lee, Michael S Y; Edgecombe, Gregory D; Jago, James B; Gehling, James G; Paterson, John R 30-Apr-2015