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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Basking and diurnal foraging in the dasyurid marsupial 'Pseudantechinus macdonnellensis'Pavey, Christoph Robert; Geiser, Fritz 29-Oct-2009
22008Hibernation by tree-roosting batsTurbill, Christopher; Geiser, Fritz 17-Nov-2009
32008Torpor and basking in a small arid zone marsupialWarnecke, Lisa; Turner, James Malcolm; Geiser, Fritz 1-May-2009
42008Sex, season and melatonin administration affects daily activity rhythms in a marsupial, the brown antechinus, 'Antechinus stuartii'McAllan, B M; Westman, Wendy; Körtner, G; Cairns, Stuart Charles 14-Dec-2009
52008Winter activity of Australian tree-roosting bats: influence of temperature and climatic patternsTurbill, Christopher2-Dec-2010
62008Population dynamics and prey selection of native and introduced predators during a rodent outbreak in arid AustraliaPavey, Christoph Robert; Eldridge, SR; Heywood, M19-Nov-2010
72008Seasonal variation in thermal energetics of the Australian owlet-nightjar ('Aegotheles cristatus')Doucette, Lisa; Geiser, Fritz 26-Nov-2009
82008A seasonally dependent change in the distribution and physiological condition of 'Caiman crocodilus yacare' in the Paraguay River BasinCampbell, Hamish ; Micheli, Mariana A; Abe, Augusto2-Dec-2014
92008Autonomic control of heart rate exhibits diurnal shifts in a crocodilianMicheli, Mariana A; Campbell, Hamish 2-Dec-2014
102008Provisioning vocalizations in cooperative bell miners ('Manorina melanophrys'): More than a simple stimulus for nestling begging?McDonald, Paul ; Wright, Jonathan11-Jul-2011