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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Basking and diurnal foraging in the dasyurid marsupial 'Pseudantechinus macdonnellensis'Pavey, Christoph Robert; Geiser, Fritz 29-Oct-2009
22008The Minimal boundary curve for endothermy as a predictor of heterothermy in mammals and birds: a reviewCooper, Christine Eliza; Geiser, Fritz 16-Nov-2009
32008Hibernation by tree-roosting batsTurbill, Christopher; Geiser, Fritz 17-Nov-2009
42008Torpor and basking in a small arid zone marsupialWarnecke, Lisa; Turner, James Malcolm; Geiser, Fritz 1-May-2009
52008Thermal Biology, Torpor, and Activity in Free-Living Mulgaras in Arid Zone Australia during the Winter Reproductive SeasonKoertner, Gerhard ; Pavey, Christoph Robert; Geiser, Fritz 7-Dec-2009
62008Ontogeny and phylogeny of endothermy and torpor in mammals and birdsGeiser, Fritz 9-Dec-2009
72008Timing of the daily temperature cycle affects the critical arousal temperature and energy expenditure of lesser long-eared batsTurbill, Christopher; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 25-Nov-2009
82008Body temperature and activity patterns of free-living laughing Kookaburras: The largest kingfisher is heterothermicCooper, Christine Eliza; Koertner, Gerhard ; Brigham, R Mark; Geiser, Fritz 27-Nov-2009
92008Seasonal variation in thermal energetics of the Australian owlet-nightjar ('Aegotheles cristatus')Doucette, Lisa; Geiser, Fritz 26-Nov-2009