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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Square-tailed Kites Breeding in Northern Coastal New South Wales: Post-fledging Diet and BehaviourLutter, H; Dinnie, R; Debus, Stephen J S 24-Nov-2009
22003Breeding biology of hooded robins 'Melanodryas cucullata' in New England, New South WalesFitri, Lulu; Ford, Hugh Alastair 24-Nov-2009
32003The spatial dynamics of White-browed Babbler groups in a fragmented agricultural landscapeCale, Peter24-Nov-2009
42003Essential oil composition of the seasonal heterophyllous leaves of 'Eryngium vesiculosum' from AustraliaCopeland, Lachlan; Pala-Paul, J; Brophy, JJ; Goldsack, RJ; Perez-Alonso, J; Velasco-Negueruela, A28-Oct-2009
52003Delayed selfing and low levels of inbreeding depression in 'Hibiscus trionum' (Malvaceae)Ramsey, Michael William; Seed, Leahwyn; Vaughton, Glenda Vera 28-Oct-2009
62003Developmental morphology of ovules and seeds of AustrobaileyalesYamada, Toshihiro; Imaichi, Ryoko; Prakash, Nallamilli; Kato, Masahiro28-Oct-2009
72003Foraging behaviour of hooded robins 'Melanodryas cucullata' in the Northern Tablelands of New South WalesFitri, Lulu; Ford, Hugh Alastair 25-Nov-2009
82003Diet of a barking owl 'Ninox connivens' in the channel country of south-western QueenslandDebus, Stephen JS ; Rose, AB26-Nov-2009
92003Regeneracion de arboles tropicales e implicaciones para el manejo de bosques naturalesHarms, Kyle E; Paine, C E Timothy 11-Oct-2019
102003Self-compatibility and floral biology in subdioecious 'Wurmbea dioica' (Colchicaceae)Vaughton, Glenda Vera ; Ramsey, Michael William28-Oct-2009