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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008How to measure ecological host specificityRohde, Klaus; Rohde, PP15-Sep-2011
22007Spatial ecology of the mulgara in arid Australia: impact of fire history on home range size and burrow useKoertner, Gerhard ; Pavey, C R; Geiser, Fritz 3-Dec-2009
32006The Influence of Nestbox Style and Entrance Hole Shape on Box Preferences of Mountain Bluebirds and Tree SwallowsPearman, Myrna; Beckmann, Christa 22-May-2018
42008Vacant Niches and the Possible Operation of Natural Laws in EcosystemsRohde, Klaus24-Nov-2010
52008Dietary overlap between the nocturnal letter-winged kite 'Elanus scriptus' and barn owl 'Tyto alba' during a rodent outbreak in arid AustraliaPavey, Christoph Robert; Gorman, J; Heywood, M19-Nov-2010
62009Causes of intraspecific variation in body size among trematode metacercariaeSaldanha, Ian; Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert14-Nov-2011
72009Cryptic species complexes in manipulative echinostomatid trematodes: when two become sixLeung, Tommy ; Keeney, Devon; Poulin, Robert14-Nov-2011
82007Local adaptation of immunity against a trematode parasite in marine amphipod populationsBryan-Walker, Kim; Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert18-Nov-2011
92008Size-dependent pattern of metacercariae accumulation in 'Macomona liliana': the threshold for infection in a dead-end hostLeung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert17-Nov-2011
102007Recruitment rate of gymnophallid metacercariae in the New Zealand cockle 'Austrovenus stutchburyi': an experimental test of the hitch-hiking hypothesisLeung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert18-Nov-2011