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12006Process-Based Ecological River Restoration: Visualizing Three-Dimensional Connectivity and Dynamic Vectors to Recover Lost LinkagesKondolf, GM; Boulton, Andrew ; Huber, H; Koljonen, S; Louhi, P; Nakamura, K; O'Daniel, S; Poole, GC; Rahel, FJ; Stanley, EH; Wohl, E; Bang, A; Carlstrom, J; Cristoni, C25-Jul-2011
22005A common parched future?: Research and management of Australian arid-zone floodplain wetlandsJenkins, Kim M ; Boulton, Andrew ; Ryder, Darren 1-May-2009
32005Redressing the limnological imbalance: Trends in aquatic ecology, management and conservation in AustraliaRyder, Darren ; Boulton, Andrew John 1-May-2009
42008Biodiversity, functional roles and ecosystem services of groundwater invertebratesBoulton, Andrew John ; Fenwick, G; Hancock, Peter J ; Harvey, MS5-Nov-2009
52008From fresh to saline: A comparison of zooplankton and plant communities developing under a gradient of salinity with communities developing under constant salinity levelsNielsen, DL; Brock, Margaret Anne; Vogel, M; Petrie, R1-May-2009
62002Competition for water: international case studies of river management and conflict resolutionBoon, PJ; Gislason, GM; Lake, PS; Ellis, BK; Frank, C; Boulton, Andrew John 13-Dec-2012
72005Setting goals and measuring success: linking patterns and processes in stream restorationRyder, D ; Miller, W6-May-2008
82003Parallels and contrasts in the effects of drought on stream macroinvertebrate assemblagesBoulton, AJ 2-May-2008
92007Hyporheic rehabilitation in rivers: restoring vertical connectivityBoulton, Andrew John 2-Dec-2010
102007Detecting impacts and setting restoration targets in arid-zone rivers: aquatic micro-invertebrate responses to reduced floodplain inundationJenkins, Kim M ; Boulton, Andrew 1-Dec-2010