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120063D Stochastic Modelling of Heterogeneous Porous Media: Applications to Reservoir RocksWu, Kejian; Van Dijke, Marinus I J; Couples, Gary D; Jiang, Zeyan; Ma, Jingsheng; Sorbie, Kenneth S; Crawford, John W; Young, Iain ; Zhang, Xiaoxian15-Apr-2010
22009The influence of individual native trees and grazing regimes on soil properties and groundcover patterns in a temperate landscape of New South Wales, AustraliaBarnes, Phoebe ; Wilson, Brian ; Nadolny, Chris; Growns, Ivor 22-Apr-2010
32005Matching Irrigation to Vine Water-requirements: Limitations of Using Sap-flow Technology for Scheduling IrrigationYunusa, Isa ; Lu, Ping; Eamus, Derek; Walker, Rob R13-Mar-2012
42009Preface: hydrogeoecology, the interdisciplinary study of groundwater dependent ecosystemsHancock, Peter J ; Hunt, Randall J; Boulton, Andrew J 2-Feb-2010
52008Water-use efficiency reflects management practices in Australian olive grovesYunusa, Isa ; Zeppel, MJB; Nuberg, IK13-Mar-2012
62006Fly-ash: An exploitable resource for management of Australian agricultural soilsYunusa, Isa ; Eamus, D; DeSilva, DL; Murray, BR; Burchett, MD; Skilbeck, GC; Heidrich, C12-Mar-2012
72009Photosynthetic Pigment Concentrations, Gas Exchange and Vegetative Growth for Selected Monocots and Dicots Treated with Two Contrasting Coal Fly AshesYunusa, Isa ; Burchett, Margaret D; Manoharan, V; DeSilva, D Lionel; Eamus, Derek; Skilbeck, C Greg21-Feb-2012
82008A modified Jarvis-Stewart model for predicting stand-scale transpiration of an Australian native forestWhitley, Rhys; Zeppel, Melanie; Armstrong, Nicholas; Macinnis-Ng, Catriona; Yunusa, Isa ; Eamus, Derek21-Feb-2012
92005Water potential and gas exchange did not reflect performance of 'Pinus radiata' D. Don in an agroforestry system under conditions of soil-water deficit in a temperate environmentYunusa, Isa ; Thomson, Sue E; Pollock, Keith P; Youwei, Lu; Mead, Donald J21-Feb-2012
102009Amendment of soil with coal fly ash modified the burrowing habits of two earthworm speciesYunusa, Isa ; Braun, Michael; Lawrie, Roy21-Feb-2012