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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Comparative assessment of the measures of thematic classification accuracyLiu, Canran; Frazier, Paul ; Kumar, Lalit 6-May-2009
22007Comparative Histopathology of Two Serotypes of Infectious Bronchitis Virus (T and N1/88) in Laying Hens and CockerelsChousalkar, Kapil ; Roberts, Juliet Rosemary ; Reece, R2-Dec-2009
32007Conodont biostratigraphic control on transitional marine to non-marine Permian-Triassic boundary sequences in Yunnan-Guizhou, ChinaMetcalfe, Ian ; Nicoll, RS5-May-2009
42007Deliberate omission or unfortunate oversight: Should stygofaunal surveys be included in routine groundwater monitoring programs?Tomlinson, Moya ; Boulton, Andrew John ; Hancock, Peter J ; Cook, P G6-May-2009
52007Spatial ecology of the mulgara in arid Australia: impact of fire history on home range size and burrow useKoertner, Gerhard ; Pavey, C R; Geiser, Fritz 3-Dec-2009
62007To use or not to use torpor?: Activity and body temperature as predictorsChristian, Nereda Geraldine ; Geiser, Fritz 5-May-2009
72007Chemistry of the Australian Gymnosperms. Part IX: The Leaf Oils of the Australian Members of the Genus 'Callitris' (Cupressaceae)Brophy, JJ; Goldsack, RJ; Forster, PI; Copeland, Lachlan; O'Sullivan, W; Rozefelds, AC20-May-2009
82007Flower colour is associated with susceptibility to disease in the legume 'Swainsona formosa'Panjehkeh, Naser; Backhouse, David ; Taji, Acram16-Dec-2009
92007Leaf Essential Oils from 'Philotheca' Species (Rutaceae) in Queensland and Northern New South WalesBrophy, JJ; Goldsack, RJ; Copeland, Lachlan; Forster, PI20-May-2009
102007Intron Phase Patterns in Genes: Preservation and Evolutionary ChangesRuvinsky, Anatoly; Watson, Charles Richard17-Dec-2009