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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Reducing the short-term mortality of juvenile school prawns ('Metapenaeus macleayi') discarded during trawlingMacbeth, William G; Broadhurst, MK; Paterson, BD; Wooden, Michael Edward1-May-2009
22006Modelling the movement and survival of the root-feeding clover weevil, 'Sitona lepidus', in the root-zone of white cloverZhang, Xiaoxian; Johnson, Scott N; Gregory, Peter J; Crawford, John W; Young, Iain ; Murray, Phillip J; Jarvis, Steve C22-Apr-2010
32006Methodology for assessing optimal rates of pasture improvement in the high rainfall temperate pasture zoneBehrendt, K; Cacho, OJ ; Scott, JM ; Jones, R5-May-2008
42006Physical dispersion of radioactive mine waste at the rehabilitated Radium Hill uranium mine site, South AustraliaLottermoser, B; Ashley, Paul 1-May-2009
52006Mobility and retention of trace elements in hardpan-cemented cassiterite tailings, north Queensland, AustraliaLottermoser, B; Ashley, Paul 1-May-2009
62006Magnitudes, spatial scales and processes of environmental antimony mobility from orogenic gold-antimony mineral deposits, AustralasiaAshley, Paul ; Craw, D; Tighe, Matthew ; Wilson, NJ1-May-2009
72006Asymmetric impact of piscivorous birds on size-structured fish populationsBeckmann, Christa ; Biro, Peter A; Post, John R26-Sep-2017
82006Contribution of postmortem muscle biochemistry to the delivery of consistent meat quality with particular focus on the calpain systemKoohmaraie, M.; Geesink, Geert 17-Nov-2009
92006Prediction of pork quality using visible/near-infrared reflectance spectroscopySavenije, B; Geesink, Geert ; van der Palen, J G P; Hemke, G17-Nov-2009
102006Estimating the abundance of eastern grey kangaroos ('Macropus giganteus') in south-eastern New South Wales, AustraliaPople, AR; Cairns, SC ; Menke, N; Payne, N5-May-2008