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12004Surface soil water dynamics in pastures in northern New South Wales. 1: Use of electrical resistance sensorsMurphy, Sean; Lodge, GM27-Oct-2009
22004Examination of the use of exogenous α-amylase and amyloglucosidase to enhance starch digestion in the small intestine of the horseRichards, N; Choct, M ; Hinch, G ; Rowe, JB 30-Jul-2008
32004Factors Affecting Egg Internal Quality and Egg Shell Quality in Laying HensRoberts, JR 30-Jul-2008
42004Identifying Hazards in Complex Ecological Systems. Part 3: Hierarchical Holographic Model for Herbicide Tolerant Oilseed RapeHayes, K; Gregg, P ; Gupta, VVSR; Jessop, RS ; Lonsdale, M; Sindel, BM ; Stanley, J ; Williams, CK31-Jul-2008
52004Efficient designs for fine-mapping of quantitative trait loci using combined linkage disequilibrium and linkageLee, Sang Hong ; Van Der Werf, JH 31-Jul-2008
62004Invasion of native vegetation by Coolatai Grass 'Hyparrhenia hirta': impacts on native vegetation and management implicationsMcArdle, SL; Nadolny, C; Sindel, Brian Mark 12-Feb-2010
72004Is maximizing protection the same as minimizing loss? Efficiency and retention as alternative measures of the effectiveness of proposed reservesPressey, Robert L; Watts, Matthew; Barrett, Thomas 29-May-2017
82004Reassessment of the toxicity of 'Hypericum perforatum' (St John's wort) for cattleBourke, CA; White, James G3-Mar-2010
92004Palaeobiogeography of the Ordovician trilobite 'Prosopiscus', with a new species from western New South WalesPaterson, John R 10-Mar-2010
102004Metabolic rate and body temperature reduction during hibernation and daily torporGeiser, F 2-May-2008