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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12001Views from the insideLobry De Bruyn, Lisa 9-Nov-2017
22001Detection of Quantitative Trait Loci Affecting Milk Production Traits on 10 Chromosomes in Holstein CattlePlante, Y; Gibson, John ; Nadesalingham, J; Mehrabani-Yeganeh, H; Lafebvre, S; Vandervoort, G; Jansen, GB22-Apr-2014
32001Relationships between seed mass, seed nutrients, and seedling growth in 'Banksia cunninghamii' (Proteaceae)Vaughton, Glenda V ; Ramsey, Michael W22-Oct-2010
42001Bayesian Segregation Analysis of Somatic Cell Scores of Ontario Holstein CattlePan, Y; Boettcher, PJ; Gibson, John Paul 8-Nov-2012
52001Intraspecific differences in behaviour and physiology: effects of captive breeding on patterns of torpor in feathertail glidersGeiser, Fritz ; Ferguson, C17-Nov-2009
62001Marek's disease in broiler chickens: effect of route of infection and herpesvirus of turkey-vaccination status on detection of virus from blood or spleen by polymerase chain reaction, and on weights of birds, bursa and spleenIslam, Afm Fakhrul; Young, P; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Burgess, Susan ; Groves, Peter John 17-Dec-2009
72001Influence of vaccine deposition site on post-vaccinal viraemia and vaccine efficacy in broiler chickens following 'in ovo' vaccination against Marek's diseaseIslam, Afm Fakhrul; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Wong, Chun Wai; Groves, Peter John ; Burgess, Susan ; Arzey, KE; Young, P17-Dec-2009
82001Developing biological indicators for the assessment of environmental flowsWatts, Robyn; Ryder, Darren 21-Dec-2009
92001Seasonal changes in the thermoenergetics of the marsupial sugar glider, 'Petaurus breviceps'Holloway, J. C.; Geiser, Fritz 17-Nov-2009
102001Dietary fats and body lipid composition in relation to hibernation in free-ranging echidnasFalkenstein, F; Koertner, Gerhard ; Watson, Kenneth ; Geiser, Fritz 17-Nov-2009