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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Avifauna of Remnant Bushland in South-East Queensland I: Brisbane and HinterlandDebus, Stephen JS 5-Oct-2011
22007Avifauna of Remnant Bushland on the Tweed Coast of Northern New South WalesDebus, Stephen JS 5-Oct-2011
32007Breeding biology and diet of the Wedge-tailed Eagle 'Aquila audax' in the New England Region of New South WalesDebus, Stephen J S ; Hatfield, T S; Ley, Andrew John; Rose, A B25-Nov-2009
42009Extinction debt or habitat change? - Ongoing losses of woodland birds in north-eastern New South Wales, Australia:Ford, Hugh A ; Walters, Jeffrey R; Cooper, Caren B; Debus, Stephen JS ; Doerr, Veronica A J9-Mar-2010
52006Bird communities in remnant woodland on the New England Tablelands, New South WalesDebus, Stephen JS ; Ford, Hugh Alastair ; Page, D26-Nov-2009
62008Further Dietary Items of the Eastern Barn Owl 'Tyto javanica' in Diamantina National Park, QueenslandDebus, Stephen J S ; Ley, Andrew John; Rose, A B25-Nov-2009
72002Breeding and diet of a pair of square-tailed kites 'Lophoictinia isura' on the mid-north coast of New South WalesLutter, AB; Rose, AB; Debus, Stephen JS ; Griffiths, H11-Jan-2010
82003Diet of a barking owl 'Ninox connivens' in the channel country of south-western QueenslandDebus, Stephen JS ; Rose, AB26-Nov-2009
92004Breeding of the Eastern Yellow Robin in an Exotic Pine Plantation at Armidale, New South WalesDebus, Stephen JS ; Boland, Ben; Koboroff, Adam2-Dec-2009
102005Breeding-Season Diet Of A Pair Of Barking Owls Near Armidale, New South WalesDebus, Stephen J S ; Ford, J A; Rose, A B30-Nov-2009