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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Repeatability of methane production in cattle fed concentrate and forage dietsGoopy, John Patrick ; Hegarty, Roger 11-May-2010
22005Relationship between sire estimated breeding values and the meat and eating quality of meat from their progeny grown on two planes of nutritionHopkins, D L; Hegarty, Roger ; Farrell, Terence13-Dec-2011
32008Predicting the metabolizable energy intake of ruminants using digestibility, ruminal methane production and fermentation dataMcPhee, Malcolm John ; Hegarty, Roger 13-Dec-2011
42008Persistence of defaunation effects on digestion and methane production in ewesBird, Simon H; Hegarty, Roger ; Woodgate, R13-Dec-2011
52006Genetic and nutritional regulation of lamb growth and muscle characteristicsHegarty, Roger ; Warner, R D; Pethick, David W14-Dec-2011
62006Indices of cellular development in muscles of lambs are influenced by sire estimated breeding values and pastoral nutritional systemGreenwood, Paul; Gardner, Graham E; Hegarty, Roger 14-Dec-2011
72006The effect of genotype and plane of nutrition on the rate of pH decline in lamb carcasses and the expression of metabolic enzymatic markersGardner, Graham E; Pethick, David W; Greenwood, Paul; Hegarty, Roger 14-Dec-2011
82006Effects of available nutrition and sire breeding values for growth and muscling on the development of crossbred lambs. 1: Growth and carcass characteristicsHegarty, Roger ; Shands, C; Marchant, R; Hopkins, DL; Ball, Alexander; Harden, S13-Dec-2011
92006Variation in protein abundance profiles in the 'M. semitendinosus' of lambs bred from sires selected on the basis of growth and muscling potentialMcDonagh, M B; Ferguson, K L; Bacic, A; Gardner, Graham E; Hegarty, Roger 14-Dec-2011
102006Effect of nutritional restriction and sire genotype on forelimb bone growth and carcass composition in crossbred lambsCake, MA; Gardner, Graham E; Hegarty, Roger ; Boyce, M D; Pethick, David W13-Dec-2011