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11998Changes in maintenance energy requirements of mature sheep fed at different levels of feed intake at maintenance, during weight loss and realimentationBall, A; Thompson, J M; Alston, C L; Blakely, A R; Hinch, Geoffrey 26-Sep-2017
22009Effects of a topical anaesthetic formulation and systemic carprofen, given singly or in combination, on the cortisol and behavioural responses of Merino lambs to castrationPaull, D R; Lee, Caroline ; Colditz, Ian ; Fisher, Andrew27-Oct-2014
32011Potential effects of animal management and genetic improvement on enteric methane emissions, emissions intensity and productivity of sheep enterprises at Cowra, AustraliaAlcock, D J; Hegarty, Roger 3-Mar-2016
42016The case for pre-parturient selenium and iodine supplementation of ewes for improving lamb survivalSchmoelzl, Sabine ; Cowley, Fran 15-Jul-2016
52003Cyclic genotyping strategies. I: A comparison of ranking criteriaMacrossan, Paula; Kinghorn, Brian 2-Nov-2009
62004Factors affecting the success of translocations of the black-faced impala in NamibiaMatson, Tammie K; Goldizen, Anne W; Jarman, Peter John25-Nov-2009
72009Parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis of fat deposition models in beef steers using acslXtremeMcPhee, Malcolm John ; Oltjen, Jim; Fadel, James; Mayer, David; Sainz, Roberto31-Oct-2011
82006Alternative tracer gases for the ERUCT technique to estimate methane emission from grazing animalsMachmuller, A; Hegarty, Roger 13-Dec-2011
92006The effect of genotype and plane of nutrition on the rate of pH decline in lamb carcasses and the expression of metabolic enzymatic markersGardner, Graham E; Pethick, David W; Greenwood, Paul; Hegarty, Roger 14-Dec-2011
102006Genotypic and nutritional regulation of gene expression in two sheep hindlimb muscles with distinct myofibre and metabolic characteristicsNattrass, G S; Quigley, S P; Gardner, Graham E; Bawden, C S; McLaughlan, C J; Hegarty, Roger ; Greenwood, Paul14-Dec-2011