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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006History, Historians and the Many Earlier Wright College Shapers of New England's and of Australia's Self-perceptionRyan, John Sprott 4-May-2009
22006Uplands Always AttractRyan, John Sprott 5-May-2009
32006Visual ArtsVivers, Margaret I 6-May-2009
42006The FrontierRoberts, David 5-May-2009
52002Writing Set in Tenterfield - and other Literary ReferencesRyan, John Sprott 7-May-2009
62006New EnglandMessner, Andrew Charles ; Bongiorno, Francis Robert12-May-2009
72006Contemplating the Role of Mistakes in Australia's PastCrotty, M; Roberts, David 13-May-2009
82007Henry Ling Roth in TasmaniaMcDougall, Russell John 19-May-2009
92006Twentieth-century ImmigrantsWilton, Janis 1-Feb-2010
102006Australia and Oceania: Australia (British)Ryan, JS 30-Jun-2008