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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Suspected malnutrition and rumen acidosis in a juvenile giraffe kept in zoological propertyRuhnke, Isabelle ; Reiners, Julia; Konig, Venna; Zentek, Juergen; Loth, Kristina19-Jun-2015
22012Important principles of pasture management demonstrated within the Cicerone Project's grazed farmlet experiment: some personal reflectionsScott, James M 9-Nov-2012
32015Egg QualityRoberts, Julie R 3-Mar-2016
42015An examination of eggshell pore structure and penetration by 'Salmonella' typhimuriumRay, Aaron; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Flavel, Richard 3-Mar-2016
52015Body weight at point of lay and the ultrastructural properties of eggshellsSuawa, Elfira; Roberts, Julie R 3-Mar-2016
62014Maintenance of shell colour in free range laying hensRoberts, Julie R ; Scott, P; Samiullah, Samiullah; Fernando, N; Anwar, A M7-Mar-2016
72014Body weight, flock uniformity and egg quality of flocks reared in two different rearing shedsSuawa, Elfira; Roberts, Julie R 7-Mar-2016
82014Eggshell uniformity and the relationship between shell structures and shell translucency, examined by Computated Tomography (CT) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)Ray, Aaron ; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Haling, Rebecca 7-Mar-2016
92013Protoporphyrin IX in shell and cuticle of brown shelled eggsSamiullah, Samiullah; Roberts, Julie R 4-Mar-2016
102015Quantification of protoporphyrin IX from eggshell of brown egg laying hens challenged with vaccine and wild strains of infectious bronchitis virusSamiullah, Sami; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil 3-Mar-2016