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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Dec-2016How mammalian predation contributes to tropical tree community structurePaine, C E Timothy ; Beck, Harald; Terborgh, John15-Apr-2019
22016Community participation and harvesting of non-timber forest products in benefit-sharing pilot scheme in Bach Ma National Park, Central VietnamHuynh, Ha; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Prior, Julian C ; Kristiansen, Paul 8-Jul-2016
32016Planning for metapopulation persistence using a multiple-component, cross-scale model of connectivityFoster, Else; Love, Jamie; Rader, Romina ; Reid, Nick ; Dillon, Martin; Drielsma, Michael 11-Oct-2016
42016Habitat specificity analyses reveal the importance of grazing refugia for plant diversity conservation in a warm-temperate grassy ecosystemSchultz, Nick L; Reid, Nick ; Lodge, Greg M; Hunter, John T 31-Oct-2016
52016Can camera trapping be used to accurately survey and monitor the Hastings River mouse ('Pseudomys oralis')?Meek, Paul ; Vernes, Karl A 7-Dec-2016
61-Dec-2016Selection for predation, not female fecundity, explains sexual size dimorphism in the orchid mantisesSvenson, Gavin J; Brannoch, Sydney K; Rodrigues, Henrique M; O'Hanlon, James C ; Wieland, Frank1-Oct-2019
72016New breeding, distribution and prey records for the Pygmy Eagle 'Hieraeetus weiskei'Bishop, David; Diamond, Jared; Hornbuckle, Jonathan; Debus, Steve J S 11-Jan-2017
82016A common framework for identifying linkage rules across different types of interactionsBartomeus, Ignasi; Gravel, Dominique; Tylianakis, Jason M; Aizen, Marcelo A; Dickie, Ian A; Bernard-Verdier, Maud6-Jan-2017
9Sep-2016Do the rich get richer? Varying effects of tree species identity and diversity on the richness of understory taxaChamagne, Juliette; Paine, C E Timothy ; Schoolmaster Jr, Donald R; Stejskal, Robert; Volarrik, Daniel; Sebesta, Jan; Trnka, Filip; Koutecky, Tomas; Svarc, Petr; Svatek, Martin; Hector, Andy; Matula, Radim9-Apr-2019
102016Habitat selection by a despotic passerine, the Bell Miner ('Manorina melanophrys'): When restoring habitat through Lantana ('Lantana camara') removal is not enoughLambert, Kathryn ; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Nick ; McDonald, Paul 10-Feb-2016