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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Forgotten fauna: Habitat attributes of long-unburnt open forests and woodlands dictate a rethink of fire management theory and practiceCroft, Peter; Hunter, John T ; Reid, Nick 2-Mar-2016
22016Rank-Based Methods for Selection of Landscape Metrics for Land Cover Pattern Change DetectionSinha, Priyakant ; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Nick 18-Feb-2016
32016Remote Sensing Derived Fire Frequency, Soil Moisture and Ecosystem Productivity Explain Regional Movements in Emu over AustraliaMadani, Nima; Kimball, John S; Nazeri, Mona; Kumar, Lalit ; Affleck, David L R18-Feb-2016
42016Global Climate Change Impacts on Pacific Islands Terrestrial Biodiversity: a reviewTaylor, Subhashni ; Kumar, Lalit 22-Apr-2016
52016Morphological and molecular data show 'Synostemon trachyspermus' (Phyllanthaceae, Phyllantheae) to be a heterogeneous species assemblageTelford, Ian R H ; Pruesapan, Kanchana; van Welzen, Peter C; Bruhl, Jeremy J 3-May-2017
62016'Schoenus' (Cyperaceae) is not monophyletic based on ITS nrDNA sequence dataMusili, Paul M; Gibbs, Adele K; Wilson, Karen L ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 21-Apr-2017
72016Assessing collaborative, privately managed biodiversity conservation derived from an offsets program: Lessons from the Southern Mallee of New South Wales, AustraliaDrielsma, Michael ; Foster, Else; Ellis, Murray; Gill, Roderic A; Prior, Julian C ; Kumar, Lalit ; Saremi, Hanieh ; Ferrier, Simon26-Sep-2016
82016Linking species functional roles to their network rolesCoux, Camille; Rader, Romina ; Bartomeus, Ignasi; Tylianakis, Jason M11-Oct-2016
9Sep-2016Landscape Effects on the Spread of Invasive SpeciesO’Reilly-Nugent, Andrew; Palit, Rakhi; Lopez-Aldana, Angelica; Medina-Romero, Margarita; Wandrag, E ; Duncan, Richard P31-Oct-2019
102016A comparison of absolute performance of different correlative and mechanistic species distribution models in an independent areaShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Ahmadi, Mohsen12-Oct-2016