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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016The release of phosphorus in alkaline vertic soils as influenced by pH and by anion and cation sinksAndersson, Karl ; Tighe, Matthew ; Guppy, Christopher ; Milham, Paul ; McLaren, Timothy1-Apr-2016
22016Yield Responses of Maize and Sunflower to Mulch under No-till Farming Conditions in Northwest CambodiaMontgomery, Stephanie C; Tighe, Matthew ; Guppy, Christopher ; Wright, Graeme; Flavel, Richard ; Phan, Sophanara; Im, Sophoeun; Martin, Robert 6-Jul-2016
32016Physical soil architectural traits are functionally linked to carbon decomposition and bacterial diversityFazle Rabbi, S M ; Daniel, Heiko ; Lockwood, Peter V ; Macdonald, C; Pereg, Lily ; Tighe, Matthew ; Wilson, Brian ; Young, Iain 17-Feb-2017
42016An ecological risk assessment for managing and predicting trophic shifts in estuarine ecosystems using a Bayesian networkMcDonald, K S; Tighe, Matthew ; Ryder, Darren 17-Feb-2017
52016Human impacts and aridity differentially alter soil N availability in drylands worldwideDelgado-Baquerizo, Manuel; Maestre, Fernando T; Gozalo, Beatriz; Garcia-Gomez, Miguel; Garcia-Palacios, Pablo; Berdugo, Miguel; Valencia, Enrique; Escolar, Cristina; Arredondo, Tulio; Barraza-Zepeda, Claudia; Boeken, Bertrand R; Bran, Donaldo; Gallardo, Antonio; Cabrera, Omar; Carreira, Jose A; Chaieb, Mohamed; Conceicao, Abel A; Derak, Mchich; Ernst, Ricardo; Espinosa, Carlos I; Florentino, Adriana; Gatica, Gabriel; Ghiloufi, Wahida; Eldridge, David J; Gomez-Gonzalez, Susana; Gutierrez, Julio R; Hernandez, Rosa M; Huber-Sannwald, Elisabeth; Jankju, Mohammad; Mau, Rebecca L; Miriti, Maria; Monerris, Jorge; Morici, Ernesto; Muchane, Muchai; Soliveres, Santiago; Naseri, Kamal; Pucheta, Eduardo; Ramirez, Elizabeth; Ramirez-Collantes, David A; Romao, Roberto L; Tighe, Matthew ; Torres, Duilio; Torres-Diaz, Cristian; Val, James; Veiga, Jose P; Bowker, Matthew A; Wang, Deli; Yuan, Xia; Zaady, Eli; Prado-Comesana, Ana; Gaitan, Juan; Quero, Jose L; Ochoa, Victoria1-Apr-2016
62016XANES Demonstrates the Release of Calcium Phosphates from Alkaline Vertisols to Moderately Acidified SolutionAndersson, Karl ; Tighe, Matthew ; Guppy, Christopher ; Milham, Paul ; McLaren, Timothy; Schefe, Cassandra R; Lombi, Enzo7-Jun-2016
72016Crop choice and planting time for upland crops in Northwest CambodiaMontgomery, Steph; Martin, Robert ; Guppy, Christopher ; Wright, Graeme C; Flavel, Richard ; Phan, Sophanara; Im, Sophoeun; Touch, Van; Andersson, Karl ; Tighe, Matthew 17-Feb-2017