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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Do drivers intentionally target wildlife on roads?Beckmann, Christa ; Shine, Richard27-Sep-2017
22012Insects as poultry feed: a scoping study for poultry production systems in AustraliaKhusro, Mohammad; Andrew, Nigel R ; Nicholas, Adrian6-Aug-2012
32012Morphological evaluation of the 'Drosera peltata' complex (Droseraceae)Gibson, Robert; Conn, Barry J; Bruhl, Jeremy J 17-Sep-2012
42012Morphological and molecular data reveal three rather than one species of 'Sicyos' (Cucurbitaceae) in Australia, New Zealand and Islands of the South West PacificTelford, Ian R H ; Sebastian, Patrizia; de Lange, Peter J; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Renner, Susanne S17-Sep-2012
52012Optimised whole-landscape ecological metrics for effective delivery of connectivity-focused conservation incentive paymentsWilliams, Kristen J; Reeson, Andrew F; Drielsma, Michael ; Love, Jamie 17-Sep-2012
62012Towards the Design of a GIS-Based Routing SystemGohari, A; Ahmed, HA; Hashim, MG; Kheirandish, S; Kumar, Lalit 19-Jul-2012
72012Triiodothyronine influences digesta kinetics and methane yield in sheepBarnett, Mark Clem; Goopy, John P ; McFarlane, James R; Godwin, Ian R ; Nolan, John V ; Hegarty, Roger 26-Jul-2012
82012V-Track: software for analysing and visualising animal movement from acoustic telemetry detectionsCampbell, Hamish ; Watts, Matthew; Dwyer, Ross G; Franklin, Craig E3-Dec-2014
92012An initial investigation on rumen fermentation pattern and methane emission of sheep offered diets containing urea or nitrate as the nitrogen sourceLi, Li; Davis, Jennifer; Nolan, John V ; Hegarty, Roger 26-Jul-2012
102012The influence of daily temperature fluctuations during incubation upon the phenotype of a freshwater turtleMicheli-Campbell, Mariana; Gordos, M A; Campbell, Hamish ; Booth, D T; Franklin, C E3-Dec-2014