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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Lex OppiaHopwood, Bronwyn 3-Aug-2017
22016ElisBourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
32013AgrioniaDillon, Matthew P 12-Mar-2014
42013HeraDillon, Matthew P 12-Mar-2014
52013PlynteriaDillon, Matthew P 12-Mar-2014
62013HaloaDillon, Matthew P 12-Mar-2014
72016Elis, War with Arcadia (360s)Bourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
82016Olympic Truce (Ekecheiria)Bourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
92016TriphyliaBourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
102013Agrippina the ElderHopwood, Bronwyn 11-Jul-2013