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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018Exploiting sequence variants for genomic prediction in Australian sheep using Bayesian modelsKhansefid, M; Bolormaa, S; Swan A A ; van der Werf, J H J ; Moghaddar, N ; Duijvesteijn, N ; Daetwyler, H D; MacLeod, I M23-May-2019
22018Genomic prediction for parasite resistance in sheep using whole-genome sequence dataAl kalaldeh, M ; Duijvesteijn, N ; Moghaddar, N ; Gibson, J ; van der Werf, J H J 23-May-2019
32011The disclosure of intuitions in organisations: A grounded theoryRobson, Martin10-Sep-2013
42013The conceptual framework model for the adoption of governance of CSR and financial performanceAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Z15-Apr-2014
52013Corporate governance, disclosure quality and financial performance: A comparative study of corporate firms in Saudi Arabia and AustraliaFilfilan, Assaf15-Apr-2014
62013The acceptance of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and financial performance of some research propositionsBazhair, Ayman15-Apr-2014
72014Authentic assessment of reflection in an ePortfolio: How to make reflection more 'real' for studentsRoberts, Pauline; Farley, Helen; Gregory, Sue 6-Jul-2015
82014Coming of the third wave: a move toward best practice, user defined tools and mainstream integration for virtual worlds in educationMcDonald, Marcus; Gregory, Sue ; Farley, Helen; Harlim, Jennifer; Sim, Jenny; Newman, Chris6-Jul-2015
92014Experimental study on consumer-technology supported authentic immersion in virtual environments for education and vocational trainingReiners, Torsten; Wood, Lincoln C; Gregory, Sue 6-Jul-2015
102011How to improve Singaporean Economy and Tourism after 2008 Global Financial CrisisMeng, Xianming 16-Sep-2013