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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Reading for Sustainability through Botanical Aesthetics: Embodied Perceptions of Perth's Flora, 1829 to 1929Ryan, John C 8-May-2017
22015Inclusive practices, innovative collaboration, governance and recognising cultural capital: environmental law through a cultural lensAseron, Johnnie; Greymorning, Neyooxet; Williams, Jacqueline 31-May-2016
32015Memorialising the Dead Child: Confronting Lost ChildhoodsSimpson, Brian H 4-Jan-2016
42015Challenges within the ecology of multilingual interactions in Aboriginal cultural tourism in Central AustraliaEllis, Elizabeth M 29-Jan-2016
52015Network Governance and Policy Making: Developments and Directions in AsiaZafarullah, Habib M 12-Aug-2015
62015Trust and the Experience of LoveUtley, Fiona20-Jan-2016
72015Questioning the Cultural Industry of the Self: Fiction, Selfhood and Individualism in Patrick White's 'The Vivisector'Harris, Stephen 19-Feb-2016
82015Tolkien's Sonic Trees and Perfumed Herbs: Plant Intelligence in Middle-earthRyan, John C 27-Apr-2017
92015The origins of postverbal negation in Kuki-ChinDelancey, Scott 27-Apr-2017
102015Adjectival constructions in Bodo and Tibeto-BurmanDeLancey, Scott 3-Jan-2018