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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Disagreements in Plenary Addresses as Multimodal ActionZhang, Zuocheng 9-Nov-2015
22015Challenges within the ecology of multilingual interactions in Aboriginal cultural tourism in Central AustraliaEllis, Elizabeth M 29-Jan-2016
32015Linguistic choices in the Chinese workplace: A language ecology perspectiveZhang, Zuocheng ; Guo, Yanyun9-Nov-2015
42015Judicial Understandings of Aboriginality and Language Use in Criminal CasesEades, Diana 7-Jan-2016
52015Tones in Northeast Indian languages, with a focus on Tani: A fieldworker's guidePost, Mark 15-Feb-2016
62015Morphosyntactic reconstruction in an areal-historical context: A pre-historical relationship between North East India and Mainland Southeast Asia?Post, Mark 17-Jun-2015
72015"No More Boomerang": Environment and Technology in Contemporary Aboriginal Australian PoetryRyan, John C 8-May-2017
82015Is it worth documenting "just a dialect"? Making the case for Suru Kavian (Pentecost Island)Schneider, Cindy ; Gray, Andrew18-Aug-2016
92015Introducing Micrela: Predicting mutual intelligibility between related languages in Europevan Heuven, Vincent J; Gooskens, Charlotte ; van Bezooijen, Renee19-Jul-2017
102015Does German Help Speakers of Dutch to Understand Written and Spoken Danish Words? The Role of Non-Native Language Knowledge in Decoding an Unknown but Related LanguageSwarte, Femke; Shuppert, Anja; Gooskens, Charlotte 9-May-2017