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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Kava: A Risk-Benefit AssessmentSchmidt, Mathias; Morgan, Michelle; Bone, Kerry; McMillan, Janice27-Oct-2009
22007Comparison of Echinacea alkylamide pharmacokinetics between liquid and tablet preparationsMatthias, A; Addison, RS; Agnew, Linda ; Bone, Kerry; Watson, Kenneth ; Lehmann, R. P.11-Nov-2009
32008Potential interaction of 'Ginkgo biloba' leaf with antiplatelet or anticoagulant drugs: What is the evidence?Bone, Kerry6-Nov-2009
42008Cytotoxic activity of polyacetylenes and polyenes isolated from roots of 'Echinacea pallida'Chicca, A; Pellati, F; Nieri, P; Adinolfi, B; Matthias, A; Massarelli, I; Benvenuti, S; Martinotti, E; Bianucci, A M; Bone, Kerry; Lehmann, R6-Nov-2009
52007Enhanced antioxidant effect a of herbal-nutrient complex including ascorbic acid and 'Polygonum cuspidatum' extract (containing resveratrol)Andrews, Chris; Matthias, Anita; Agnew, Linda ; Reinke, Nicole; Watson, Kenneth ; Bone, Kerry; Lehmann, Reg P13-May-2010
62008Fringe tree ('Chionanthus virginicus' L.) stem bark offers a sustainable alternative to root barkPenman, K G; Bone, Kerry; Lehmann, R P7-Dec-2009
72008Metabolism of Echinacea alkamides by human recombinant P450 enzymesToselli, F; Matthias, A; Bone, Kerry; Gillam, EMJ; Lehmann, RP31-Jan-2013
82009Are we drawing the right conclusions from randomised placebo-controlled trials?: A post-hoc analysis of data from a randomised controlled trialDie, M Diana van; Bone, Kerry; Burger, Henry G; Teede, Helena J1-Feb-2010
92009Author's Reply to Commentary on No effect of 'Hypericum perforatum' (St John's wort) and 'Vitex agnus-castus' (chaste tree) combination on menopausal symptomsvan Die, MD; Berger, HG; Bone, Kerry; Cohen, M M; Teede, H J31-Jan-2013
102008Acute immune modulatory effects of bioavailable Echinacea alkamidesMatthias, A; Connellan, P; Thompson, D; Bone, Kerry; Lehmann, RP31-Jan-2013