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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Learning in Community: The Song and Dance Women of the Fiery Cottagede Carteret, P; Edwards, H ; Mackay, FA; McConnell-Imbriotis, A; Nye, A ; Somerville, MJ ; Swain, JA26-Sep-2008
22006Globalisation of Counsellor Education: A dialogic approach to preserving cultural identity along with intercultural dimensions in teachingMoir-Bussy, Ann; Sun, Catherine19-Jan-2010
32008The Development and Evaluation of a model of Clinical Supervision for Community Nurses in Rural AustraliaParmenter, Glenda ; Gorrick, P; Hogan, K; Atkins, T25-Mar-2012
42007Homophobia, Sport and the Group Socialisation of Australian MalesMcCann, Pol Dominic24-Dec-2009
52007Breaking taboos in research: Leaving traditional methods behindLightfoot, Shannon24-Dec-2009
62008Health and Illness Perceptions of Patients suffering their First Acute Myocardial Infarction and Undergoing Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Queensland: A Qualitative StudyVittrup, Ann-Charlotte; Hussain, Rafat ; Paliadelis, Penelope Susan 8-Jan-2010
72007The Art of Interviewing Intercultural Parents: Methodological Challenges and OpportunitiesCrippen, Cheryl24-Dec-2009
82007Education in the Lives of Males Engaged in Street-Based Sex WorkLeary, David Andrew24-Dec-2009
92007Attachment and coping as theoretical frameworks for understanding adjustment to university for local and international studentsHealy, Martin; Hussain, Rafat 24-Dec-2009
102007Understanding the Sexual Selves of Middle Eastern-American Women (A Study in Progress)Rashidian, Mitra11-Jan-2010