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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Re-constitutioning Australia: Monarchist and Republician Discourses in the 1990sNugus, Peter Ivan; Corrigan, Peter16-Feb-2016
22004The Place of Grace and Justification by Faith in the Thought of PaulRedgen, Wesley Reece26-Feb-2016
32004Looking From The Outside In: The Issue of Equal Access to Computer-Mediated Learning by Distance Learners in Higher EducationWillems, Julie Anne; Harman, Kay ; Meek, Lynn2-Aug-2017
42004Using turbidity tolerant water plants in the rehabilitation of turbid farm damsDouglas-Hill, Annabel; Brock, Margaret; Casanova, Michelle19-Jan-2016
52004The Bethania GermansHolzheimer, Raymond; Atkinson, Alan26-Feb-2016
62004Utilisation of remnant Brigalow communities and adjacent pastures by the Black-striped Wallaby ('Macropus dorsalis')White, Debra; Gazzola, Carlo; Jarman, Peter 18-Apr-2012
72004Faith and Reason: An Epistemological Critique of Religious Belief with reference to Reformed Epistemology and Christian FundamentalismDoherty, Donald George23-Feb-2016
83-Apr-2004Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Olearia flocktoniae Maiden & Betche (Asteraceae) - A Comparison of Aboveground and Seed Bank PopulationsFlood, Lorelie; Gross, Caroline 1-Dec-2020