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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Review of Beverley Kingston, 'A History of New South Wales' (Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 2006), pb ISBN 0 521 54168-9, pp. x, 299.Mason, Susan; Ryan, John S 17-Nov-2015
22003Review of 'Australian Ways of Death: A Social and Cultural History 1840–1918'. By Pat Jalland: Oxford University Press, Melbourne. 2002. vi + 378pp. £15.99.Pender, Anne 15-Jul-2009
32003Review of Gwenda Beed Davey and Graham Seal, 'A Guide to Australian Folklore: From Ned Kelly to Aeroplane Jelly': Roseville, N.S.W. 2069: Simon and Schuster (Australia) Pty Limited., 2003. Pp.ix,310. ISBN (paper) 0731810759. $A29.95Ryan, John Sprott 15-Jul-2009
42007Review of Robin Poke, 'Peter Antonie: Out of His Shell - A Biography of Australian Rowing's Unsung Hero', Walla Walla Press, Sydney, 2007, pp. v + 284, pb, $39.95Parker, Claire8-Jul-2013
52009Bearing Australia's 'beloved burden': recent offerings in Australian convict historyRoberts, David 12-Nov-2009
62006Review of Paul Jones' 'Chinese-Australian journeys: Records on travel, migration and settlement 1860-1975'Wilton, Janis 29-Nov-2011
72009Review of Brett J. Stubbs, 'The Gold Digger's Arms: Pubs of the Upper Clarence River District, New South Wales'. East Lismore, NSW: Tankard Books, PO Box 5098, 2009). Soft covers, A4 format. Pp. viii, 120. 53 Figures, mainly original photographs. $30.00, postage free within AustraliaRyan, John S 27-Nov-2015
82008Review of 'The Outsiders Within: Telling Australia's Indigenous-Asian Story' By Peta Stephenson. Sydney: University of NSW Press, 2007. 250 pp. Softbound, $30.00.Wilton, Janis 29-Mar-2012
92001Review of 'Index of Dates from Archaeological Sites in Queensland' by Ulm, S. and Read, J. Brisbane: University of Queensland. Queensland Archaeological Research Volume 12. (2000), xv + 129 pages. ISSN 0814 3021 (softback) price A$33 (including GST + A$7 post in Australia)Weeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
102005Review of James Oldham, 'English Common Law in the Age of Mansfield' (Chapel Hill: The University of New Carolina Press, 2004) Pages I-XVIII, 1-426. ISBN 0 8078 5532 4Collins, Craig21-Dec-2011