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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008A Developmental Framework for Assessing Concept MapsMcPhan, Greg 31-May-2012
22004Re-orienting "at Risk" Literacy Learners through multiliteracies Development with "Learning Objects" Enacting Authentic Comprehending and Composing Contexts On-lineUnsworth, Len ; Harrison, Janine16-Feb-2010
32007Primary School-aged Children and Fundamental Motor Skills - what is all the fuss about?Miller, Judith Anne 7-Jun-2012
42007Assessing Chinese Students' Understandings in Mathematics and Science: Ensuring Valid and Reliable Data within International ContextsWang, Chunxia; Panizzon, Debra Lee ; Pegg, John Edward 14-Jan-2010
52007Using quantitative and qualitative data to construct a developmental learning framework in the context of elementary high school algebraFalle, Judith Louise23-Dec-2009
62004An Undergraduate Student's Understanding of Differential Equations through Concept Maps and Vee DiagramsAfamasaga-Fuata'i, K 31-Jul-2008
72004Primary Students' Understanding of ProofCallingham, RA ; Falle, JL; Clark, GJ 31-Jul-2008
82005Towards a Language-based Model of Students' Early Algebraic Understandings: Some Preliminary FindingsFalle, Judith Louise24-Sep-2012
92005The Successful School: A Genuine Trend or Statistical Artifice?Callingham, Rosemary Anne ; Mays, Heather24-Sep-2012
102005From Arithmetic to Algebra: Novice Students' Strategies for Solving EquationsFalle, Judith Louise24-Sep-2012