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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Deriving filter parameters using dual-images for image de-noisingWang, Lingyu; Leedham, Graham ; Cho, Siu-Yeung29-May-2014
22003Comparison of Some Thresholding Algorithms for Text/Background Segmentation in Difficult Document ImagesLeedham, Graham ; Yan, Chen; Takru, Kalyan; Tan, Joie Hadi Nata; Mian, Li1-Oct-2010
32009Global Features for the Off-Line Signature Verification ProblemNguyen, Vu; Blumenstein, Michael; Leedham, Graham 20-Mar-2012
42007Is there a future for handwritten shorthand?Leedham, Graham 20-Mar-2012
52003Automatic Quantitative Letter-level Extraction of Features Used by Document ExaminersLeedham, Graham ; Pervouchine, Vladimir; Tan, Wei Kei; Jacob, Arun7-Oct-2010
62007Study of forensic features used for English script and their applicability to Bengali scriptUtpal, Garain; Pervouchine, Vladimir; Leedham, Graham 20-Mar-2012
72003Region-Based Guaranteed Image Quality in JPEG2000Trenschel, Tobias M; Bretschneider, Timo R; Leedham, Graham 29-May-2014
82003Assessment of the stability and usefulness of some handwriting features used by document examinersLeedham, Graham ; Pervouchine, Vladimir; Tan, Wei Kei; Arun, Jacob12-May-2010
92003Collision and impact force computation for virtual reality applicationsKhor, A K; Leedham, Graham ; Maskell, D L12-May-2010
102003A Survey of Computer Methods in Forensic Document ExaminationSrihari, Sargur N; Leedham, Graham 16-Sep-2010