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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Outlawry in Colonial Australia: The Felons Apprehension Acts 1865-1899Eburn, Michael E30-Jul-2010
22005Towards an Accessible Web through Semantic Web StandardsSo, Clare M; Perry, Mark ; Watt, Stephen M29-Oct-2019
32001SITA: Protecting Internet Trade Agents from Malicious HostsPerry, Mark ; Zhang, Qin14-Jan-2020
42009Autonomic Software License Management System: an implementation of licensing patternsNoorian, Leili; Perry, Mark 29-Aug-2013
52008An Ontology for Autonomic License ManagementZhao, Qian; Perry, Mark 29-Aug-2013
62008Trust and Autonomic SystemsLutfiyya, Hannan; Perry, Mark ; Yew, C29-Aug-2013
72006Podcasting, Student Learning and ExpectationsTynan, B; Colbran, S25-Sep-2008
82003Regulating Agricultural Biotechnology in International LawEsmaeili, Hossein16-Apr-2009
92005Andrew Bent and the Birth of the Free Press in the Australian ColoniesCollins, C5-Aug-2008
102002The limits of judicial accountability: the role of judicial performance evaluationColbran, Stephen16-Jul-2012