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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Creative Agents and Triggers (CAT) Game Design Method: For Crisis CommunicationDowd, Cate 27-Feb-2013
22009Putting social capital in context: A critical examination of social capital and the sustainability of Australian rural communitiesArgent, Neil 1-Jun-2012
32005Tertiary teaching: The Ungovernable Profession?Bartel, Robyn 1-Mar-2010
42003Crossing the Border: History, Fiction and Postcolonial IdentityHarris, S 29-Jul-2008
52004Cultural Identity and Wine Production in Northern Jordan: A Case Study in ContextWatson, P 30-Jul-2008
62009Eplanning: What is the Attitude towards Information Technology in the New South Wales (Australia) Planning SystemWilliamson, Wayne; McFarland, Paul 20-Mar-2012
72005A Proliferation of Self-described 'International' Schools in Sri Lanka: A Response to GlobalisationJenkins, Kathryn Ann ; Berman, Jeanette ; Jenkins, Bertram A 18-Jan-2010
82009Indigenous Public Policy: A Shift to a Neoliberalist Political Rationality During America's Reagan Presidency and Australia's Howard GovernmentBeattie, Belinda 15-Oct-2010
92008Creating disconcerting uncertainty through sustained second person narrative voice: Second person narrative voice in the fiction of G.M. Glaskin and Peter KocanFisher, Jeremy 24-Sep-2010
102005Un Tragitto sulla ricerca dell'identit√† Femminile: La Narrativa di Anna Banti e Paola CaprioloCavallaro, Annamaria 1-Jul-2009