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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005In what ways the Russian soperezivanie is different from the English empathy? The natural semantic metalanguage in contrastive semanticsGladkova, Anna 20-Jan-2012
22002Critical Issues for Rural Businesses: Case Study Results from Two Regional Centres in New South WalesEpps, William Roger22-Jan-2010
32005From Thucydides to Florida: Stable Adaptation, Social Depth, and the Seamless Generation of Unforeseen FuturesSorensen, Anthony ; Epps, William Roger17-Feb-2010
42005For Sale - Sex in the Country: The Benefits of Sex Work as an Occupational Choice in Rural NSW AustraliaRagusa, Angela T; Scott, John 20-Mar-2012
52008Sex work and health in a rural context: results of qualitative study undertaken in New South WalesScott, John ; Hunter, John T ; Hunter, Vanessa Hewlett; Ragusa, Angela T20-Mar-2012
62008Losing the War on Drugs: Prohibition and ProliferationPereira, Margaret Anne17-May-2010
72006Religious tourism: Intersection of contemporary pilgrimage and tourism in IndiaShinde, Kiran 13-Jan-2015
82006Maximising Opportunities and Minimising Threats: Is there a place for minorities in the 'risk society'?Owen, John Robert; Khavarpour, F1-Aug-2008
92006Russian Praise Words 'molodec' and 'umnica': A Semantic and Cultural AnalysisGladkova, Anna 22-Sep-2010
102005New and Traditional Values in Contemporary Russian: Natural Semantic Metalanguage in Cross-cultural SemanticsGladkova, Anna 22-Sep-2010