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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Indigenous Research: Ethics, Intellectual Property and the Role/Importance of Indigenous ResearchersCoopes, Rhonda Kathleen14-Jan-2010
22008Changing Women: The Country Women's Association of NSW as a Learning SiteHanstock, Robyn Esther11-Jan-2010
32007Assessing Chinese Students' Understandings in Mathematics and Science: Ensuring Valid and Reliable Data within International ContextsWang, Chunxia; Panizzon, Debra Lee ; Pegg, John Edward 14-Jan-2010
42007The Impacts in Australia of Children's Literature Book AwardsFisher, Heather Jean14-Jan-2010
52007Homophobia, Sport and the Group Socialisation of Australian MalesMcCann, Pol Dominic24-Dec-2009
62008Researching Peer Relations in a Boys' Middle School: A presentation of research designMiller, Peter David24-Dec-2009
72007Breaking taboos in research: Leaving traditional methods behindLightfoot, Shannon24-Dec-2009
82007Exploration of Generative Themes and Storylines to Understand Boys' Non-Completion of SchoolHarrington, Ingrid 8-Jan-2010
92008Gatekeepers, Process Consent and Real Names: Ethical aspects of writing vivid stories based on qualitative research in palliative careCarey, Janene Patricia8-Jan-2010
102008Developing assessment items to measure tertiary students' reasoning about explained and unexplained variabilityReid, Jacqueline ; Reading, Christine Elizabeth ; Ellem, Bernard 11-Jan-2010