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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009The economics of litter size in meat sheepSwan, Andrew 2-Jul-2010
22009Australian Rural Development: multiple problems, bespoke solutions, the abdication of central governments and the ghost of Friedrich NietzscheSorensen, Anthony 27-Jul-2010
32009Monitoring Pollinators: Case studies from Australia and New ZealandGross, Caroline L ; Newstrom-Lloyd, L E; Howlett, B; Plunkett, George T4-Aug-2010
42009Creative Agents and Triggers (CAT) Game Design Method: For Crisis CommunicationDowd, Cate 27-Feb-2013
52009Developing a Service Economy in China: The Effect of Cultural values on the Practice of Services MarketingEpworth, Roger; Hall, Allastair 27-Jul-2010
62009Internal and External Auditor Linkages in Developing Countries: The Case of EthiopiaMihret, Dessalegn; Admassu, Mengistu24-Sep-2010
72009Putting social capital in context: A critical examination of social capital and the sustainability of Australian rural communitiesArgent, Neil 1-Jun-2012
82009Stranger Danger?: Cultural Constructions of Sadistic Serial Killers in US Crime DramasHoulihan, Annette8-Jul-2013
92009Simulation of Evapotranspiration and Vadose Zone Hydrology Using Limited Soil Data: A comparison of Four Computer ModelsYunusa, Isa ; Whitley, R; Zeppel, M; Eamus, D22-Jun-2012
102009Autonomic Software License Management System: an implementation of licensing patternsNoorian, Leili; Perry, Mark 29-Aug-2013