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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006A Case Study of a Dominant Masculinities Discourse and one Boy's Early School Leaving in a Rural ContextHarrington, Ingrid 24-Apr-2012
22006Selected plant extracts modulate the gut microflora in broilersVidanarachchi, Janak Kamil; Mikkelsen, Lene ; Sims, I M; Iji, Paul ; Choct, Mingan 3-Feb-2010
32006Effect of drying temperatures on feed value of maize for broilersIji, Paul ; Khumalo, K; Slippers, S; Gous, R M3-Feb-2010
42006Manno-oligosaccharides alter bacterial populations in broilersYang, Ying; Choct, Mingan ; Iji, Paul 3-Feb-2010
52006Lines on Maps: Defining Resource Governance Regions from the 'Bottom-Up'Brunckhorst, David John ; Reeve, Ian 23-May-2012
62006Ticket-based mobile commerce system and its implementationWang, Hua; Huang, Xiaodi; Dodda, Goutham Reddy11-Feb-2010
72006WFMS-based Data Integration for e-LearningYong, Jianming; Yan, Jun; Huang, Xiaodi11-Feb-2010
82006Analysis Of Software Processes Based On A Classification MethodInchaiwong, Lachana; Sajeev, Abudulkadir 24-Feb-2010
92006A Formal Specification of Interaction Widgets Hierarchy FrameworkWang, Lijian; Sajeev, Abudulkadir ; Inchaiwong, Lachana22-Feb-2010
102006Fundamental motor skill and coordination - essential elements for performance outcomes of primary school-aged childrenMiller, Judith Anne 7-Jun-2012