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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002'In vitro' acclimatisation of Rosa sp cv. Red cascade as a function of gradual reduction in relative humidityDanesh, Majid; Taji, Acram22-Dec-2009
22002Can Experiences from the Teaching Profession Inform Assessment Practice for Other Work-based Learning Programmes?Coll, Richard K; Taylor, Neil ; Grainger, Sheila4-Jun-2012
32002From the top: Women's and men's views on accessing boardsMilgate, Gina Clare; Sheridan, Alison Jane 15-Feb-2010
42002Critical Issues for Rural Businesses: Case Study Results from Two Regional Centres in New South WalesEpps, William Roger22-Jan-2010
52002Adapting Kernels by Variational Approach in SVMGunn, Steve; Kandola, Jaz; Gao, Junbin8-Feb-2010
62002Morlet Wavelet Based Human Head and Face Boundary ExtractionZhang, Liming; Lenders, Patrick Madeleine10-Feb-2010
72002Efficiency of protein utilization in male and female broiler chickensLi, Li ; Nolan, John Vivian 2-Feb-2010
82002Bracket Capabilities for Distributed Systems SecurityEvered, Mark Peter 10-Feb-2010
92002The effects of vaccine strain, route of administration of IB vaccine and revaccination on egg production and egg quality in laying hensSulaiman, Abrani; Roberts, Juliet Rosemary ; Ball, Alex2-Feb-2010
102002Effect of diet composition and feed form on the behaviour of Isa Brown laying hensHartini, Sri; Choct, Mingan ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Nolan, John Vivian 3-Feb-2010