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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12001Effect of route of infection and vaccination status on detection of Marek's disease virus from blood or spleen by polymerase chain reactionIslam, Afm Fakhrul ; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Groves, Peter John 3-Feb-2010
22001Preliminary analysis of sire effects on resistance to gastrointestinal nematode infection in Angora and Cashmere goatsOlayemi, Muyiwa; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman ; Le Jambre, Leo Frederick8-Feb-2010
32001Genetic parameters for piglet mortality, within litter variation of birth weight, litter size and litter birth weightHermesch, Susanne ; Luxford, BG; Graser, Hans-Ulrich 8-Jun-2012
42001The effect of cross-fostering on growth differs between piglets of heavy and light birthweightsHermesch, Susanne ; Luxford, BG; Graser, Hans-Ulrich 8-Jun-2012
52001Creative aspects of musical compositions and invented stories by 3-5 year old children: originality, structure, and expressivenessAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
62001SITA: Protecting Internet Trade Agents from Malicious HostsPerry, Mark ; Zhang, Qin14-Jan-2020
72001Online Collaborative Learning: Increasing Student ParticipationHansford, Diane ; Wylie, A30-Jul-2008
82001Enhancing life-long resistance to nematode parasites: possibilities from nutritional supplementation of recently weaned sheepKahn, Lewis ; Knox, MR; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Lee, J M18-Jan-2010
92001Effects of diet composition and beak trimming on the incidence of cannibalism in laying hensHartini, S; Choct, Mingan ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Nolan, John V 12-Jun-2015
102001Factors influencing the energy values of Australian cereal grains fed to broilersHughes, R J; Choct, Mingan ; van Barneveld, R J12-Jun-2015