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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Bladder ketmia ('Hibiscus trionum' L.) in Australia - a variable taxaJohnson, Stephen Barry; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Charles, GW24-Oct-2012
22006Insights into motivations and barriers for weed control in grazing districts of southern Australiavan der Meulen, Annemieke Willemien; Reeve, Ian ; Sindel, Brian Mark 24-Oct-2012
32004Better management of 'Sonchus oleraceus' L. (common sowthistle) based on the weed's ecologyWidderick, M; Walker, S; Sindel, Brian Mark 24-Oct-2012
42008A review of the ecology of fleabane ('Conyza' spp.)Green, Todd Douglas; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Charles, G; Werth, J24-Oct-2012
52008The continuing spread of fireweed ('Senecio madagascariensis') - the hottest of topicsSindel, Brian Mark ; Michael, PW; McFayden, RE; Carthew, Janah Reanne24-Oct-2012
62006Improving competitive ability of chickpea with sowthistleCici, S-Zahra-Hosseini; Kristiansen, Paul ; Sindel, Brian Mark 24-Oct-2012
72006Impacts of 'Hyparrhenia hirta' (L.) Stapf (Coolatai grass) on native vegetation in a travelling stock route in northern New South WalesChejara, Vinod Kumar; Nadolny, Christopher; Kristiansen, Paul ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Sindel, Brian Mark 24-Oct-2012
82006Effect of grazing management and stockclass on Chilean needle grass ('Nassella neesiana') seed productionGrech, Charles J; McLaren, DA; Sindel, Brian Mark 25-Oct-2012
92006Phenotypic plasticity of sowthistle and its offspring in response to light availabilityCici, S-Zahra-Hosseini; Hanan, J; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Adkins, S25-Oct-2012
102006Germination response to temperature of 'Phyla canescens' (lippia)MacDonald, Matthew Scott; Whalley, Ralph D ; Sindel, Brian M ; Julien, Mic H; Duggin, John A 12-Jan-2012