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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006The Easy Writer: Formal Writing for Academic PurposesBelmont, WA; Sharkey, MF6-Aug-2008
22007Evaluation of Multi-disciplinary Human Factors Course in Rural Setting in Australia. Quality Initiatives, the tenth annual ACHS Quality Improvement Awards 2007Fraser, John ; Barac, B; Cox, S; Shaw, S; Wong, B; Doherty, S; Alexander, Christian15-Feb-2010
32004Transparenz als Verfassungsprinzip: Grundgesetz und Europäische Union [Transparency as a Constitutional Principle: Basic Law and European Union]Brohmer, J 5-Aug-2008
42006Future directions for ACIAR's animal health researchPatrick, Ian Walter ; Kennedy, David; Hearn, Simon; Rolfe, Peter2-Mar-2010
52003Negligence: A Practical Learning ApproachClarke, Andrew David24-Jul-2009
62002Within Reason: Rational Choice and LogicKhlentzos, Drew Michael ; Blinov, Arcady Leonidovich 11-Aug-2009
72005Out of the Silence: A Story of Love, Betrayal, Politics and MurderJames, Wendy1-Jun-2011
82006Svært ved at læse, svært ved at forstå - og hvad så? [Reading difficulties, comprehension difficulties - what to do?]Graham, Lorraine; Bellert, Anne22-Feb-2010
92004The Easy Writer: Formal Writing for Academic PurposesSharkey, Michael Francis; Belmont, Winifred Anne16-Jul-2009
102005Romano-Celtic élites and their religion: a study of archaeological sites in GloucestershireAdams, Geoffery16-Jul-2009