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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Alternative Conceptions of Chemical Bonding Held by Upper Secondary and Tertiary StudentsColl, Richard K; Taylor, Neil 5-Jun-2012
22002Narrative data and analysis inside a poststructural frameworkConnelly, J 27-Jun-2008
32002Enquiry into Inquiry: A Study of Chinese Medical ConsultationZhang, Zuocheng ; Wei, Shang6-Sep-2013
42002Adaptation experiences of Sri Lankan immigrants and their children in Australia in the context of multiculturalism and Anglo-conformityGamage, S 24-Sep-2008
52002Educational Change and Teacher DevelopmentScott, Catherine; Dinham, Steve19-Dec-2013
62002The Attitudes of Catholic Primary School Teachers towards Educational Provisions for Gifted and Talented StudentsSmith, S; Chan, LKS30-Jun-2008
72002Indonesian Language Education and the Limits of ToleranceTamatea, LM 31-Jul-2008
82002Children of the Betel-chewing Villagers: Social Distance and Identity Dilemmas of the Sinhala-speaking People in Sri LankaGamage, S 18-Sep-2008
92002Practical literacy programming for students with special learning needsGraham, Lorraine; Berman, Jeanette ; Bellert, Anne22-Oct-2009