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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Transnational Teacher Education: Australian Student Teachers in Hong Kong as Contested ObjectsMcConaghy, Cathryn Elizabeth ; Bloomfield, Di19-May-2010
22002Discursive space(s) in science curriculum materials in Canada, Australia and Aotearoa/New ZealandNinnes, Peter Martin3-Dec-2012
32002Evaluating Online Collaborative Learning: A Case Study in Increasing Student ParticipationHansford, Diane ; Wylie, A30-Jul-2008
42002Education as Community Partnerships: An Ethnographic Study of the US Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) and the Australian National School Network (NSN)Reyes, Vicente7-May-2014
52002Introduction: Internationalising Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Critical Reflections, Critical TimesNinnes, Peter Martin; Tamatea, Laurence Martin 12-Jan-2010
62002Primary Science Education Development in the South Pacific: Some Views About InterventionsTaylor, Neil ; Vlaardingerbroek, B; Coll, R C12-Jan-2010
72002Pre-Service Primary Teachers' Models of Kinetic Theory: An Examination of Three Different Cultural GroupsTaylor, Neil ; Coll, Richard K4-Jun-2012
82002How science contributes to environmental reporting in British newspapers: a case study of the reporting of global warming and climate changeTaylor, Neil ; Taylor, Subhashni4-Jun-2012
92002Children of the Betel-chewing Villagers: Social Distance and Identity Dilemmas of the Sinhala-speaking People in Sri LankaGamage, S 18-Sep-2008
102002Harmony and anti-racism educationSoliman, Izabel Eniko19-Mar-2010