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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Evidence of gynodioecy and sex ratio variation in 'Wurmbea biglandulosa' (Colchicaceae)Vaughton, Glenda Vera ; Ramsey, Michael William17-Dec-2009
22002Maintenance of gynodioecy in 'Wurmbea biglandulosa' (Colchicaceae): gender differences in seed production and progeny successRamsey, Michael William; Vaughton, Glenda Vera 18-Dec-2009
32002Habitat insularity and fire response traits: evidence from a sclerophyll archipelagoClarke, PJ 6-May-2008
42002A Model for Expanded Use of Native GrassesSmith, S Ray; Whalley, Ralph D 30-Nov-2012
52002The Effects of seed predators on the recruitment of mangrovesClarke, PJ ; Kerrigan, RA6-May-2008
62002Post-fire response of shrubs in the tablelands of eastern Australia: do existing models explain habitat differences?Clarke, PJ ; Knox, KJ 18-Jul-2008
72002Climatic analysis of the distribution of Fusarium graminearum, F. pseudograminearum and F. culmorum on cereals in AustraliaBackhouse, D ; Burgess, L18-Jul-2008
82002Managing saffron thistle in pastures with strategic grazingGrace , BS; Whalley, RD ; Sheppard, AW; Sindel, BM 30-Jul-2008
92002Habitat islands in fire-prone vegetation: Do landscape features influence community composition?Clarke, Peter John 1-May-2009
102002Fate of annual pasture legumes seeds on a two-way thermogradient plateLodge, G M; Whalley, Ralph D 30-Oct-2009