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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Al doende leert menGoedegebuure, L; Weusthof, P30-Sep-2008
22002Alternatives to Current HIV/AIDS Policies and Practices in South African PrisonsGoyer, KC; Gow, Jeffrey13-Dec-2012
32002Technology Gap, Efficiency, and a Stochastic Metafrontier FunctionBattese, George Edward ; Rao, Dodla Sai3-Dec-2012
42002Regional Comparisons of Banking Performance in South AfricaO'Donnell, Christopher John; van der Westhuizen, G3-Dec-2012
52002The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Africa: Implications for U.S. PolicyGow, Jeffrey13-Dec-2012
62002HIV/AIDS policies, practices and conditions in South African prisons: Criticisms and alternatives. Towards a research agendaGoyer, KC; Gow, Jeffrey30-Nov-2012
72002Localized and incomplete mutual insuranceMurgai, R; Winters, Paul Conal; Sadoulet, E; de Janvry, A3-Dec-2012
82002Assets, activities and income generation in rural Mexico: factoring in social and public capitalWinters, Paul Conal; Davis, B; Corral, L30-Nov-2012
92002Using demographic risk factors to explain variations in the incidence of violence against womenO'Donnell, CJ; Smith, A; Madison, J 18-Jul-2008
102002London or New York? Implications of the Enrol Debacle for Law and Accounting Reform in Hong KongCarver, A; Whitman, J28-Jul-2008