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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Capacity to Commit a Tort and to SueLunney, Mark 14-May-2009
22002The Price of Responsible Parenting?Lunney, Mark 10-Jul-2009
32002Pollock, Ernest Murray (1861-1936)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
42002Alverstone, 1st viscount (1842-1915)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
52002Cozens-Hardy, Herbert Hardy (1838-192o)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
62002'A Historical Introduction to the Law of Obligations', by David Ibbetson: Pages 1-307. 1999. Oxford University Press. Price: A$85.Lunney, Mark 21-Jul-2009
72002'Marriage Disputes in Medieval England' by Frederik Pedersen: Hambledon Press, 2000, vii–xi + 235pp (hardback £25), ISBN 1 85285 198 8Lunney, Mark 23-Jul-2009
82002Practical joking and it's penalty: Wilkinson v Downton in contextLunney, M 8-Aug-2008
92002Trespass to landLunney, Mark 14-May-2009
102002Wrongful Interference with GoodsLunney, Mark 8-May-2009