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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009The Last of the Queen's Men: Barry Humphries' Australian Theatre of EmpirePender, Anne 11-Feb-2015
22008Development of Educational Software for Teaching Daily Life Skills to Students in the Spectrum of AutismStaikou, Konstantina; Mavropoulou, Sofia; Karagiannidis, Charalampos4-Nov-2015
32004Προβλήματα ΣυμπεριφοράςTsiouri, Ioanna; Mavropoulou, Sofia26-Aug-2015
42004Αναλυτικό Πρόγραμμα για το ΠαιχνίδιTsirabidou, Maria; Paizi, Olga; Mavropoulou, Sofia26-Aug-2015
52007Marzone and its application to California's marine life protection act initiativeSteinback, Charles; Racicot, Aaron; Mertens, Mike; Scholz, Astrid; Watts, Matthew; Klein, Carissa; Possingham, Hugh27-Mar-2018
62001Changing student learning focus in natural resource management education - Problems (and some solutions) with using problem based learningLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Prior, Julian C 8-Nov-2017
72003Global Gap Analysis: towards a representative network of protected areasRodrigues, Ana S L; Andelman, Sandy J; Long, Janice; Marquet, Pablo A; Pilgrim, John D; Pressey, Robert L; Schipper, Jan; Sechrest, Wes; Stuart, Simon N; Underhill, Les G; Waller, Robert W; Watts, Matthew; Bakarr, Mohamed I; Yan, Xie; Boitani, Luigi; Brooks, Thomas M; Cowling, Richard M; Fishpool, Lincoln D C; da Fonseca, Gustavo A B; Gaston, Kevin J; Hoffman, Michael22-May-2017
82001Collaborating with farmers to design a practical soil health checklistLobry De Bruyn, Lisa 2-Feb-2018
92004Διδακτική ΜεθοδολογίαTsiouri, Ioanna; Mavropoulou, Sofia26-Aug-2015
102006The Pathways to Prevention project: doing developmental prevention in a disadvantaged communityHomel, R; Freiberg, K; Lamb, C; Leech, M; Batchelor, S; Carr, A; Hay, Ian; Teague, R; Elias, G4-Oct-2011