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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Genetics of meat quality and carcass traits and the impact of tenderstretching in two tropical beef genotypesWolcott, Matthew Lee ; Johnston, David ; Barwick, Stephen ; Iker, CL; Thompson, John ; Burrow, Heather M 1-Feb-2010
27-Oct-2000Individualism and its Discontents: Man Alone in Contemporary New Zealand.Harris, Stephen 29-May-2019
314-May-2009Motion streaks in fast motion rivalry cause orientation-selective suppressionApthorp, Deborah ; Wenderoth, Peter; Alais, David29-May-2019
42009Brahman and Brahman crossbred cattle grown on pasture and in feedlots in subtropical and temperate Australia: 1. Carcass qualitySchutt, K M; Burrow, Heather M ; Thompson, John ; Bindon, Bernie4-Mar-2010
519-Jun-2008Extended-Release Niacin Alters the Metabolism of Plasma Apolipoprotein (Apo) A-I and ApoB-Containing LipoproteinsLamon-Fava, Stefania; Diffenderfer, Margaret R; Barrett, P Hugh R ; Buchsbaum, Aaron; Nyaku, Mawuli; Horvath, Katalin V; Asztalos, Bela F; Otokozawa, Seiko; Ai, Masumi; Matthan, Nirupa R; Lichtenstein, Alice H; Dolnikowski, Gregory G; Schaefer, Ernst J1-Apr-2019
62007'I don't want to hate him forever': Understanding daughter's experiences of father absenceEast, Leah ; Jackson, Debra ; O'Brien, Louise30-May-2017
72008Mobilising the Ethiopian knowledge Diasporas: Framing the issuesAmazan, Rose 14-Jan-2016
824-Jul-2009A dual of the rectangle-segmentation problem for binary matricesKalinowski, Thomas 26-Apr-2019
92005A duality based algorithm for multileaf collimator field segmentation with interleaf collision constraintKalinowski, Thomas 24-Apr-2019
102001Investigating Tertiary Level Teacher-Student Interactions in Fiji using the Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction (QTI)Coll, Richard K; Taylor, Neil ; Ali, Sadaquat20-Jun-2018

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