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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12000Senior Management Women and Gender Equity: A Comparison of Women in the Private and Public SectorsRindfleish, Jennifer May; Papadakis, Elim; Corrigan, Peter; Lucich, Peter14-May-2014
22000Marguerite Yourcenar's AlchemySouthwood, Jane12-Aug-2010
32000Kinetics of allantoin metabolism in sheepKahn, Lewis ; Nolan, John Vivian 9-Dec-2009
42000Genetic Analysis of Temperament and Its Relationships with Productive and Adaptive Traits in Tropical Beef CattleBurrow, Heather Mary 27-Nov-2015
52000What impact has managerialism had on a New South Wales Area Health Service?Beattie, Belinda 24-Sep-2010
62000Chartist Political Culture in Britain and Colonial Australia, c. 1835-1860Messner, Andrew Charles; Atkinson, Alan; Kent, David ; Prothero, Iori2-Jun-2014
72000Rumen Microbial Yield from Sheep Genetically Different for Fleece WeightKahn, Lewis ; Leng, Ronald; Piper, L22-Dec-2009
82000Managing and Using Feedlot Environmental Monitoring Data to Understand and Simulate the Utilisation of Manure and EffluentFairweather, Helen; Murray, Simon; Lott, Simon; Duggin, John15-Jun-2017
97-Oct-2000Individualism and its Discontents: Man Alone in Contemporary New Zealand.Harris, Stephen 29-May-2019
102000Theatrical Advocacy: A report of Advocacy Training at UNEEburn, Michael E19-Apr-2012

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