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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11987Genetic Relationships Between Male and Female Reproductive TraitsPurvis, Ian William; Edey, Terry N; Piper, Laurie R; Bindon, Bernie10-Nov-2015
21984Aspects of Contact Metamorphism Produced by the New England Batholith, New South WalesRoberts, Raymond Harry; Stephenson, N C N22-Nov-2013
31987Agricultural Market Development in the South PacificFleming, Euan ; Hardaker, Brian20-Nov-2015
41987The relationship between selected organisational characteristics and the process of change leading to a new structure of governance for the Sisters of Mercy (Australia) in 1981: A case studyWard, Valda Mary; Simpkins, Bill; Duignan, Pat; Marshall, Tony13-Sep-2010
51984Comparative Behaviour and Ecology of Some Australian Bark Foraging BirdsNoske, Richard Alfred; Ford, Hugh11-Apr-2013
61985Genetics of Growth in Mice with Particular Reference to the Application of Nonlinear ModelsParratt, Andrew Christopher; Barker, James S F11-Apr-2013
71986Genetic and Physiological Aspects of Growth, Body Composition and Feed Efficiency in MiceMalik, Ramesh Chander; Stephenson, S K11-Jan-2013
81984The Pigna Barney Ophiolitic Complex and Associated Basaltic Rocks, Northeastern New South Wales, AustraliaCross, Kenneth Charles; Harrington, HJ; Korsch, RJ; Wilkinson, JFG11-Jan-2013
91983Spark Discharges in Low Pressure Sulphur HexafluorideSwan, Hans Shelley Bernard; Woolsey, G22-Aug-2013
101987Protein-Energy Interrelationships in Productive RuminantsThrockmorton, John Cardar; Leng, Ronald3-Nov-2015