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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Staff Burnout: a Comparative Study of Metropolitan and Rural Mental Health Nurses within AustraliaSingh, Charanjit; Cross, Wendy; Jackson, Debra 12-Apr-2016
22011Water issues in the Kingdom of Jordan: A brief review with reasons for declining qualityAlqadi, Khaled Abdallah; Kumar, Lalit 3-Feb-2012
32003Economics and Policy of Food ProductionRola-Budzen, MF; Hardaker, John Brian2-Jul-2010
42009The economics of litter size in meat sheepSwan, Andrew 2-Jul-2010
52014The Role of the Music Therapist in Promoting Parent-Infant AttachmentEdwards, Jane 21-Nov-2019
62015Financial Independence as an Alternative to WorkPerrone, Lisa; Vickers, Margaret H; Jackson, Debra 12-Apr-2016
7Nov-2015The journal special issue: Contributing to knowledge and learningEdwards, Jane 21-Nov-2019
8Apr-2015Sites of knowledge and knowingEdwards, Jane 21-Nov-2019

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