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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Measurement of Head Impacts in a Senior Amateur Rugby League Team with an Instrumented Patch: Exploratory AnalysisKing, Douglas ; Hume, Patria; Gissane, Conor; Cummins, Cloe ; Clark, Trevor30-Apr-2018
22019Changes in unilateral upper limb muscular strength and Electromyographic activity following a 16-week strength training intervention in survivors of breast cancerHagstrom, Amanda D ; Shorter, Kathleen A ; Marshall, Paul W M 13-May-2019
32018Upper Body Kinematic Analysis of the Paddling Stroke in Female Recreational Stand-up Paddle BoardersBancks, Megan; Cummins, Cloe ; Shorter, Kathleen 3-Jun-2019
42019Do lethal trap devices threaten foot-hold trap capture efficacy?Meek, Paul D ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Falzon, Greg 8-Apr-2019
52017Is osteoporosis an autoimmune mediated disorder?Iseme, Rosebella A; McEvoy, Mark; Kelly, Brian; Agnew, Linda ; Walker, Frederick R; Attia, John18-Jun-2018
62017The Environment and Interactions of Neolithic HalaiColeman, John E; Karimali, Evangelia; Karali, Lilian; Fillios, Melanie ; Diffey, Charlotte; Vaiglova, Petra; Bogaard, Amy; Joos, Jayme; Angeli, Effie15-Jun-2020
72020"How Am I Going, Coach?"-The Effect of Augmented Feedback During Small-Sided Games on Locomotor, Physiological, and Perceptual ResponsesWeakley, Jonathon J S; Read, Dale B; Fullagar, Hugh H K; Ramirez-Lopez, Carlos; Jones, Ben ; Cummins, Cloe ; Sampson, John A30-Oct-2020
8-Exploring Diversity in Neolithic Agropastoral Management in Mainland Greece Using Stable Isotope AnalysisVaiglova, Petra; Coleman, John; Diffey, Charlotte; Tzevelekidi, Vasiliki; Fillios, Melanie ; Pappa, Maria; Halstead, Paul; Valamoti, Soultana Maria; Cavanagh, William; Renard, Josette; Buckley, Michael; Bogaard, Amy23-Jun-2021
92007Measuring Complexity in Early Bronze Age Greece: The Pig as a Proxy Indicator of Socio-Economic StructuresFillios, Melanie 6-Jun-2017
102020John R. Rickford and Social Justice for Speakers of Vernacular EnglishSiegel, Jeff 24-Aug-2021

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